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Shop Roaster 1,2Kg Batchsize

CHF 6,950.00 inkl. Mwst.*

The perfect roasting machine for coffee shops or home roaster who want to start getting more serious with roasting coffee but not yet can spend a fortune on it 

This 1,2kg max. batchsize roaster allows you to roast approx 5kg beans per hour and get 4kg roasted coffee output per hour. 

The roaster is made in Indonesia and direct imported by Omnia Coffee Zurich as sole distributor for Switzerland. 

The price includes always : 
- All Taxes
- Installation and first instruction/test roast at your place
- 1,2kg Roast machine (Gas)
- Rotating cooling tray
- Table

See Pictures for detailed specifications

Kategorie Home Roaster 120g

* Basierend auf Ihrem Wohnsitz in Switzerland. Mwst.-Sätze für andere Länder werden an der Kasse berechnet. Preis exklusiv Mwst.: CHF 6,950.00.